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Cheating in games is quite fun, but is it really good or is it a bad thing? Well for the majority of us gamers, I think, we can simply say in unity that it is a bad one to cheat because it is basically bringing in an unfair advantage to one side while the other playing on a even field. But there is a very interesting premise that claims that cheating or perhaps the advent of cheaters in a game brings good things to the overall game experience of the majority of the players. This is in contrary to the popular notion that it destroys the game. Well, let us see about that.


Cheating in video games comes in different forms. It can be being invincible and invulnerable to a World of Warcraft game. It can also be usage of aimbot or wall hack for a Call of Duty multiplayer game or it can be as simple as getting free unlimited diamonds from a Boom Beach hack generator that adds without limitation to a user’s account. Other people who are not into cheating will surely be against such things to be done in a game and will be angry once they found out that someone is taking advantage or an exploit. Technically it is like being into marriage, wherein everything seems to be normal not until your partner caught you cheating. I hope you kind of understand the analogy on the last part.


Okay, to back up the theory or the premise is not a bad thing in the first paragraph, let me say this. Cheating is an unfair practice, yes that is a fact. But experts believe that positive things are often results of cheating. I know you might be confuse at this time, but this make sense when you see a gamer trying to improve each and every time he plays because of the fact that he is being challenged by someone who has been playing unfairly. As he constantly play against a cheater his level of skills improves to cope up with the opponent and thus overall gameplay experience takes a positive reinforcement. You may or may not agree with such thing. I wont force you to do so neither would I judge you if you are cheater because I myself tend to use Boom Beach Hack from time to time.

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Comments (3)

  1. keishakay

    cheating isn’t bad unless if someone catches you….

    June 10, 2014
  2. jenniferbastera

    April 29, 2015
  3. stephaniemorourke

    I think this is really very amazing debate.The cheater will always say that cheating in games is the part of the game.I think many are the fans of the saying that everything is fare in love and war.visit services for more info.

    October 30, 2016